Author: Lok Cheung

Smallest Vlogging Camera? Sony RX0II Hands-on First Lok

Added internal 4K recording, flip screen and digital image stabilization and suddenly the RX0II is the best thing ever, and I’m not even sarcastic! Sony RX0II: / Shooting Grip and Tripod:

5 Tips for DJI Osmo Pocket

Check out DJI Osmo Pocket / Gears that I used in this video:Sony a7S / 16-35mm f/4 Zeiss / Pocket /øde RødeLink Filmmaker /

Cheapest Full Frame Camera Ever: Canon RP Hands-on

I don’t get the INTERNET sometimes, how could you bash the cheapest full frame camera for having less? Especially it’s not a bad camera at all? Canon EOS RP: / RF 24-105mm...

Atomos Shinobi $399 HDR Camera Monitor: First Lok

1000 nit, HDR, extremely competitive price at $399! Check out Atomos Shinobi: / Gears that I used in this video:Panasonic / Lumix S 24-105mm ƒ/ / a7S /...

Panasonic S1/S1R The Ultimate Full Frame? Hands-on First Lok

It probably has the best image stabilisation on full frame camera! AF with machine learning actually works! Panasonic’s first full frame mirrorless is huge, but with good reasons. Photos taken with the prototype Panasonic...